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Posting kali ini seharusnya Import dan Export part di Cimatron, akan tetapi sebelum kita belajar lebih dalam tentang modeling dengan Cimatron tentu saja kita mesti faham dulu fungsi dari masing-masing tombol mouse, baik tombol mouse yang digunakan secara sendiri ataupun dikombinasikan dengan Keyboard key (ctrl atau Shift key). InsyaAllah Import dan Export part di Cimatron pada posting selanjutnya. Mohon maaf jikalau posting kali ini menggunakan bahasa inggris, selamat menyimak.
Cimatron Mouse Button

 The three mouse buttons are used separately and in combinations to perform a variety of functions.
  • Single clicks
  • Combination mouse clicks
  • Mouse + Shift key
  • Mouse + Ctrl key

Single clicks

Mouse Button

Left button
  • Pick geometry, or draw a 2D box.
  • Pick a previously selected entity to unselect it.
  • Pick a hidden face: highlight an adjacent face, release the button. Wait until the "select other" cursor appears (), and move the cursor until the hidden face is highlighted.

Middle button
  • Exit from a completed step of the Feature Guide, and proceed to the next step.
  • Apply the latest modification
  • Exit from a menu or popup menu
  • Terminate selection of entities.

Right button
  • Opens popup menus, the contents of which depend on the application in which you are working. If you are currently working within a Part function, right-clicking will open the Feature Guide for that function.

Combination mouse clicks

Mouse Button

Left + Mid buttons
  • Reject (same as Ctrl+Z). Within a function step, this will cancel the current activity and revert to the beginning of the step. When picking a sequence of geometry, Reject will unselect one by one, in reverse selection order.

Left + Right buttons
  • Selection Filter. If you are working in the Sketcher, the Constraint Filter dialog will open.

Mid + Right buttons
  • Opens the display popup menu, providing access to Display Manipulation options and Sets.

Mouse + Shift key
Shift + Left button: Drag a box to unselect entities.
Shift + Right button: Selection Filter. If you are working in the Sketcher, the Constraint Filter dialog will open.

Mouse + Ctrl key
Ctrl + Left button: Dynamic rotation. If an edge is selected, it will be used as the axis of rotation.
Ctrl + Middle button: Dynamic pan.
Ctrl + Right button: Dynamic zoom.

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